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Write and present your sermons using custom outlines, a point-by-point message builder, and an easy-to-use preaching mode.

A sermon platform built for high-impact preaching

Pastors run into the same problem every week—building an engaging sermon. Sermonary is a sermon-writing platform that delivers an unprecedented level of organization to better help you prepare and preach more compelling sermons—every week.

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Outline Templates
  • Illustrations Library
  • Classic Editor
  • Presentation Mode
  • Ideas Archive
  • Cloud-based
  • Use Any Device
  • Speaking Notes
  • Notes Sharing
  • Slide Creator
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Write your sermons for the stage—not just the page

Every point you write on paper must translate to the pulpit. Sermonary’s unique sermon builder allows you to create and organize your message without endless scrolling, copying, cutting, and pasting. Capture every thought and position them in your outline for maximum effect.

Proven Sermon Outline Templates

Whether you have your own unique sermon outline or you adjust your outline depending on the message—you have to start somewhere. Sermonary includes pre-built sermon outlines while also allowing you to create your own templates. Start each message with a proven framework. No more reinventing the wheel week-after-week.

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Quick Start Sermon Prep System

Accelerate your weekly sermon prep using our Blocks Editor—creating a block for every point, idea, illustration, and passage. As you gain clarity on what content fits your message, drag and drop each block accordingly. The Sermonary Blocks system is the pastor’s ultimate weapon against the blank page!

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Easy Access Sermon Resources

Keep every sermon idea, story, and illustration at your fingertips using Sermonary’s built-in idea archive. My Ideas is where you store your ideas as they come to you—long before you need to preach them. In addition to storing your message elements in My Ideas, Sermonary has a built-in Sermon Illustration library full of ready-to-use illustrations all included with your account.

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Share Prior to Preaching

Send share links that provide your media team read-only access to your sermon—they can create any graphics needed or follow your message for cues during service. Send the same link to loop in additional staff. You can also improve your sermon by granting read-only access to those who will help you strengthen the word God is preparing through you.

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Your sermon outline instantly transformed for the stage

Prepare your message using Sermonary and when you’re ready to preach, instantly transform your prep notes to preaching notes. Sermonary is built to move from the page to stage and caters to the unique level of connection you need with your notes. We call this instantaneous transformation Podium Mode.

Instantly Export Sermon Slides

Create sermon slides in the block editor and export to PowerPoint or ProPresenter in Podium Mode. That’s right—you can mark any portion of your sermon as a slide to export for the screen, saving many pastors at least 30 minutes every message—if not more.

Sermon Points At-A-Glance

Using Podium Mode, your sermon prep notes transform perfectly into preaching notes—retaining the same visual triggers you’ve looked at all week. Just by glancing, you will recognize block titles, colors, and numbers allowing you to focus less on your notes and more on your delivery.

Perfect Message Timing

When using Podium Mode, a message clock is accessible atop your notes. You choose which counter you prefer—the current time or a countdown time limit. Whether you’re preaching in your auditorium, another room, or another church, your clock of choice goes with you.

Podium Mode On Paper

Your prep in Sermonary seamlessly transports from your computer to a printable document with Export to Word or Export to PDF. You have the freedom to use the organization and continuity of Sermonary with the familiarity of physical paper.

The World’s Leading Drag & Drop Sermon Builder

Direct access to done-for-you sermon research and message resources to help you preach the Gospel from fresh and compelling angles every week.

  • Sermon Illustrations

    Access timely sermon illustrations to include in your message. Copy and paste them directly into a Sermonary block.

  • Complete Series Frameworks

    Grow your preaching library by importing complete sermon series. Researched content and relevant series graphics.

  • Everything to Prep & Preach

    Incorporate free and paid resources including commentaries, graphics, and Bible book summaries.

Hear from pastors who are active Sermonary members

Organization. Podium Mode. Better concentration. Actually works. These are just a few of the comments we hear regularly from our members. Read below what pastors have to say about their experience using Sermonary.

Sermonary is an excellent idea that is beautifully executed!

Garrett Kruse Pastor

Sermonary has given me the most logically organized and yet simple approach to sermon writing that I’ve ever tried.

David Feiser Pastor

Love Sermonary’s ability to keep me organized and on point–and these guys are not finished yet and continue to work on adding and adjusting the interface based on user feedback. I cannot recommend Sermonary enough, and they are just getting started!!

Jeffrey Sparks Pastor

Sermonary is the only way to go when it comes to sermon preparation. I’m also super impressed with the development and customer service. I won’t go back to writing sermons any other way!

Jason Bucky Walters Youth Leader

Sermonary is great! I wrote my grandpa’s funeral service there and was able to access it remotely even when I forgot my message. Helps me stay organized and on point during my messages and podium view always let’s you see the time! Give it a try!

Cole Maxwell Young Adults Pastor

I put this to work already. It’s amazing. Podium Mode with a timer was a stroke of genius.

Chad Whitley Pastor of Poplar Springs Baptist Church

Used Sermonary for the first time this weekend…loved it!

Joel Nevius Student Pastor of Bethany Bible Church

Wrote my first message in Sermonary and I’m hooked! I’ll be preaching from Podium Mode tonight!

Ryan Kilosky Associate Pastor of ChristianLife Church

This is something that should have existed ten years ago.

Brandon Morrow Lead Pastor of Gateway Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sermonary?

Sermonary is a revolutionary tool that helps pastors prepare to preach their sermons with greater efficiency and precision. Church leaders can write, present, and store their sermons in this single, dedicated platform.

Can I export my messages?

Yes. Every message you create in Sermonary can be exported to your choice of PDF or Word Document. In addition, you can create sermon slides in Sermonary and export them to ProPresenter or PowerPoint.

How does the free trial work?

You have 14 days to try Sermonary and discover how it will work for you. At the end of your free trial, the payment method you have on file will be charged for $19 and every month after that as long as you remain a Sermonary member.

What is Podium Mode?

Podium Mode is a completely new way to transform your sermon outline into preaching notes. When you’re ready to preach, enter Podium Mode and find your notes formatted for preaching along with your choice of a clock or timer.

What is unique about Sermonary?

Sermonary has two ways to write your message. One is using our drag-and-drop editor which allows you to build your sermon block by block. The other is our classic editor which everyone will find familiar.

How does membership work?

Choose from a monthly or annual membership. Once activated, you can create unlimited messages, use all features, and browse our marketplace. Remain a member as long as you’d like with no hidden fees, terms, or contracts.

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